A wedding isn’t complete without the best man. The best man is chosen to help the groom out in the wedding preparations, to make sure that the wedding goes as planned, and to help the couple keep their relationship strong. Usually the groom’s brother, the groom’s best friend, or the bride’s sister is chosen for this role. During the wedding reception, the best man is traditionally asked to deliver a wedding speech.  Here, now, is what a best man speech layout looks like.

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To begin your best man speech, what you can do is to provide a warm and sincere greeting to all the wedding guests including the family, friends, and relatives of both the bride and the groom. Here is an example of a good introductory line: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, more especially to the beautiful ladies in this hall! I know that I am not as renowned as the groom here, who ironically also happens to be my best pal. And so for the benefit of all of you who do not know me, I would like to introduce myself first. I am the groom’s best man.”

Once you have welcomed the guests and introduced yourself to them, you may then proceed to thanking all the people who attended the ceremony and all the people who helped with the wedding preparations. “It is with this privilege that I wish to formally welcome each and every one of you in this celebration. Also, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of your for being here. I am very much certain that the bride and groom appreciate your generosity – lending us your time and putting in some effort just so you can help us celebrate this wonderful couple’s wedding. And so, on behalf of the newly wed couple, I once again thank you for being here to celebrate with us.”

But before you get carried away with your best man speech, you should keep in mind that the speech should not take longer than ten minutes to deliver. And so, try to end your speech by saying “Now, I would like to congratulate the bride and the groom, and to wish them a happy and lasting marriage.”

“As a final note, ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to the bride and groom. May their love endure all hardships, and may it strengthen and deepen with the test of time.”

This, now, is a best man speech layout.

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